My Cancer Journey

It can silence courage; however you find a courage you never knew you had

It will cripple your love and self esteem

It will eat away at your thoughts; keep the monsters at bay

Cancer is limited to only you, it’s your journey

It can kill friendships and the ones it does;

You were not meant to keep

You will acquire new friendships along your journey


Other people’s cancer stories, friends just love relaying them to you, hold your hand up STOP!

I really don’t want to hear: be strong this is your journey!

It can corrode your faith and leave you wondering what’s it all about?

It can destroy your confidence, leave you feeling unloved, betrayed by your own body

It will leave you sad and sick with worry


This is your journey: your story, don’t be afraid to be you again, life is precious; this is your time don’t waste it on people who want to bring you down, plan your life with lots of things you want to do, family time, holiday time, time to yourself, to be just you, we are worth it!

This is our time so……

Put a smile on your face your lipstick on and into the world we go J


                                                        Chris Hayward 2013-14



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