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a year ago i was fighting breast cancer , now I face ( not yet officially diagnosed ) but doc says its treated as ovarian cancer till they find out other wise with the symptoms Ive got. Cant get an ultrasound till next week ( why do things always go wrong on a friday. Im freaking out , ive really had enough , my biggest worry is my autistic daughter what happens to her if ............. we are in a rental we really cant afford now . we have no family left here , and friends i thought i had i didnt ive never felt so alone . im trying to be strong for daughter but I just cant any more all I can do is cry. Iam angry all the years ive spent caring for and helping others now i need help and Im alone


  • Hi Julie,

    see my reply to you on ‘what next’ hang in there 💕


  • Hi Julie,

    Please contact OCA direct they have many avenues that they can guide you to for support and help. Never give up hope. I have been fighting Ovarian Cancer since 11/3/96 it was stage IIIC when I was first diagnosed. I'm not sure where you are so I don't know what services you have access to. Speak to your oncologist as he will be able to arrange or put you on the right track to get some assistance. I personally have had the experience of people leaving my life once I was diagnosed not everyone can handle the cancer. Try and stay positive this is harder than said on some days. Keep your distance from toxic people you don't need them or their comments. Use this forum to make contact with others who are on the same path. This is another hurdle in your life. C = challenge. Keep your chin up honey it will get better and you have all of us here. Take care I will keep an eye out for your future posts to up date how you are going and your progress. Thinking of you sending lots of hugs and love your way

    Michelle xx😊

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