Ovarian Cancer Grade 2

Hi ladies, I have just been diagnose with ovarian cancer, fortunately only on the left ovary. As I am 81, and fit otherwise it is strange that I am writing about myself!....all the doctors remark on how young my medical results come back yet I get this cancer? Anyway, I'm here because I'm stuck in Mackay, and no support here. I am wondering if anyone else has been diagnosed with the same as myself. I would like to have some support group to feel that there is someone out there that I can turn to as the treatments roll on. Had a pet scan on Friday, and now waiting for those results. Told I may have to go to RBH for radiation (I won't have Chemo), and as it's an isolated cancer Radiation is better. So looking forward to chatting soon. 😊



  • Hi Carol,

    I was diagnosed with Stage II squarmous cell carcinoma in a dermoid cyst in my left ovary last June. It’s now just over a year since my 1st chemo cycle (5 weeks post surgery). I had all my lady parts out, 26 lymph nodes, my omentum and 20cm of bowel out and 5/6 chemo sessions (couldn’t do last one - body had, had enough). Just turned 53 and am Cancer free for now but I’m here, on the Gold Coast if you ever want to chat. Take care ❤️

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