Advice please

Hi everyone,

My partner has pretty much all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, with the marker going up. We have been to two cancer specialists both saying “they don’t think it’s anything to worry about”

but her symptoms are getting worse and I’m really worried about her. Has anyone else had this happen? And what did you do to get the drs to do something straight away instead of taking their time. I’m worried by the time they realise they were wrong that it will have progressed too far for them to act on it. The only one that knows it’s something serious and is trying to help as much as he can is her gp 

These are her symptoms so far:

2 cysts one on each ovary that are not going away and growing

constant severe pelvic and abdominal pain (her gp has her on strong slow release pain killers for pain management)

bloating, indigestion and changed bowl movement 

constant nausea

hot flushes/night sweats

constant thick discharge

getting full easily and losing appetite 

Any advice would be much appreciated as we are stuck for what to do from here!



  • Hi Gabbym , Im Ricky I suffered with similar symptoms and my Dr said I was going through menopause . It took about 6 years for me to be diagnosed. I would get you GP to do an Urgent referral to a big General Hospital that has a Gynae/ oncology specialist Clinic, and If It is hard to get an appointment and your partener is suffering a lot you could take her through the A&E Department then they would have to do more investigations and refer her on to the clinic (they always have emergency appointment times). Do not wait if you and your partener think she's getting worse or even not improving. Hope this is helpful. My new GP really has my back , she always fighting for me. Let me know if this helps you both . Our health is in our hands .!!

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