Looking for fellow women taking Olaparib.

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Hello everyone,

I have had a recent diagnosis of a Somatic Braca 1 mutation. I started on Olaparib last week and have been asked to stay on it for two years. I am looking for other women who are on the medication too. I would love to hear how long you have been on it, any initial reactions/symptoms and also any long term changes to these reactions/symptoms.

I have 16 questions ready for my oncologist regarding the drug which I'm hoping she will be able to answer. ;-) So far, my GP, pharmacist and gynaecologist-onc surgeon have either never had anyone on it or are only mildly familiar with it. As I live in Gippsland, Victoria, I think I may be the only patient they have that is on this medication.

Looking forward to hearing from you.....


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