Avastin. Not on PBS after a year

I have stage 4 which is under control following debulking surgery, chemo and avastin. After February i am advised that to stay on this blood blocker maintenance, i will have to pay $2,200 every 3 weeks, just to stay well. To Roche.

I am not being offered alternatives, compassionate access, nothing. I have to stay well for as long as i can. To be on nothing is not an option for me. I am not BRCA1 OR 2 yet i cannot access anything for maintenance that is wirhin reach. Surely there are more choices or options than this?????? How is this fair or reasonable? I feel more stressed and scared than when i was first diagnosed and i feel i am being spat out of the system.


  • Hi Sue,

    I understand your frustration and anger regarding treatment. I can only advise that you speak to your Oncologist and GP re the cost of the Avastin surely there are options available to you, especially as you are Stage 4 and need it as maintenance I also suggest that you contact OCA and speak to one of their councillors or the Cancer Council as they both have great resources and a wealth of information that may assist you. Stay positive hopefully you will receive advise that will assist you.


  • Thanks chris. My oncologist was very closed and unreceprive which really upset me to be honest. I am seeking another opinion because of this.

  • I hope by now you have been offered a maintenance drug. I commenced Letrozole after the Avastin. My oncologist gynaecologist mentioned to me at a visit that there was two maintenance drugs which I was now eligible to receive so , went I went to the oncologist I asked him and he suggested Letrozole. I’ve been taking this for 61/2 months.

    Never take no as an answer.

  • This is a major problem for OC patients. There is not enough research or new drugs being added to the PBS for OC patients. I have tried to raise awareness only to have it fall on deaf ears. I have held fundraisers to OC and spoken on radio and no result. See if your eligible for Lynparza which was listed on the PBS in 2020. Not many new drugs since 1972 this is a disgrace. I had to raise $100,000 pay for Keytruda immunotherapy drug which I started using in 1917 and keep using now after paying $100.000 from Merc life saving for some OC patients and still not on PBS

    Ask your Dr about the drug.

    Kind Regards

    Michelle xx

  • My oncologist explained that the makers of Avastin had a patent on this drug which has now ended, leaving other companies free to produce and sell generic drugs containing bevacisumab. There are now these alternatives out there which will cost $300 compared to the $3000 of Avastin.

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