Diagnosed with ovarian cancer not sure of stage

Hello to you all

on the 19 January’ 2021 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Not sure what stage the tests I have had will determine the stage.

1 also have a mass tumour in my abdomen 9in x 4 in

Was in the public hospital as private patient,but quickly reverted to private. Public hospitals take there time.

In the private sector you get to choose your own oncologist and surgeon.

So many tests liver biopsy cat scans pet scans, awaiting results,

chemo is on the cards but just not sure when,

see my surgeon on Thursday this week to discuss his work on me

My oncologist has done his bit for now so I sit tight snd wait it’s the pits

Love to hear from you all



  • I’m new to h to this forum. Can someone reply to my post. Then I will know if I registered properly. I keep receive messages at bottom saying click here to confirm email. Then the day check email and I don’t receive anything

    please help x

  • Hi Dianna,

    I hope by now that you have met your Oncologist and with your Surgical Oncologist and have the results of your operation. Chemo normally starts a few weeks after your surgery to give you a little bit of time to recover. It is then you will meet your Oncologist and get to know your Chemo Nurses who will guide your way through your treatment and become a friend to you. They are there to help and answer any questions you have about your treatment and discuss any problems or side effects you might be experiencing between seeing your Oncologist.

    I hope this helps answer some of your questions, take care and take one day at a time OCA is here to help as well with any issues you might have.


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