Live Nights session- Wednesday 31st March 7 pm to 8 pm

Welcome to our second live night session. Please feel free to email any questions prior to the night or just post on the night.

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  • Hi Everyone, so happy that this has come back again. Thanks Fi.How is everyone? Iam anxious awaiting results from another ca125 to see if my levels have risen again to see if i have to go through another round of chemo

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  • Oh Tabcarney we wish you all the best with your results. It can be a very anxious time waiting for results to come back. We are all thinking of you and hoping they are good results.

  • So has anyone had their Covid19 vaccine yet or registered to get their vaccine?

  • I would also love to know if there is anyone living up here on the mid north coast of nsw.I would love to start up a support group.Iam so grateful for the teal support program as i would be so alone without it.but would love to meet once a month for a coffee and a chat. regards Tracy

  • Get in touch with the Cancer Council NSW and maybe try in the online forums to see if anyone responds.

  • Ive tried that when i was diagnosed nearly two years ago.There is support up here for breast cancer but not for ovarian cancer😔

  • Hi everyone, we've had a few questions already sent in in regards to Covid-19 so we'll be answering those now :)

  • No not yet.Iam waiting a bit longer.I am not an antivaxer just unsure especially if chemotherapy is pending.I see my oncologist soon so will check with him

  • Hi Tabcarney, would you like me to create a discussion board to see if anyone on the forum can help?

  • Questions: - When do I take the flu vaccination? Can I take it with the COVID vaccine?

    So all cancer patients are in the Stage 1B and can register for their Covid19 vaccine now. So please book into your local GP. Then the Flu vaccine can be taken 2 weeks after the Covid19 vaccine or 2 weeks prior to the second covid19 vaccine.

  • That would be great,I never met anyone at oncology whilst having frontline treatment at Port Macquarie and that was over 18 months.regards Tracy

  • Question: With restrictions easing, what does this mean for me? How can I continue to protect myself? (continue with sanitizer, mask, social distancing)

    It is still advisable to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres at all times. When you cannot do this it is still advisable to wear on mask. Mask wearing is recommended when you cannot maintain 1.5 mtr social distance from others and/ or on public transport trains, trams, buses, taxis, ubers and at airports. Continue hand washing and wearing a mask and social distancing.

  • Question: Is it safe for me to attend my doctors appointments?

    So masks should also be worn in hospitals. So if you need to attend an appointment remember to take your mask. You need to continue maintain your doctors appointments either in person or via tele health appointments.

  • Question: What are the side effects of the vaccine?

    Common reactions to vaccination include: 

    • pain where you had the injection 
    • muscle aches 
    • headache 
    • fatigue 
    • fever. 

  • Question: Is my risk of blood clots higher with the COVID vaccine?

    They is some discussion about the covid19 vaccine causing blood clots. This has not been proven as in the research there is also a higher evidence of blood clots in the patients who did not receive the vaccine. As cancer patients have a higher risk of blood clots we should suggest you speak to your GP, treating team or nurse if you have any symptoms i.e. pain or swelling in the legs, shortness of breathe on exertion or any difference in your breathing ie pain when taking a deep breathe.

  • Question: Can I take the COVID vaccine when I am in treatment?

    It is advisable you speak to your treating team as to the best time to have your vaccine. There is no evidence that it interacts with chemotherapy or medications you are taking with your chemotherapy.

  • Question: While telehealth is still available during COVID, how do i get the most out of my telehealth appointments?

    Great question! Before your tele-health appointment, make

    sure you have all your questions/queries written down that you’d like covered,

    and if you can and feel comfortable to do so, ask someone to join the

    appointment with you to write down the answers to the questions/take notes.

    Speak slowly and clearly, and take your time! This is a link to a document

    prepared by the Cancer Council which has great tips as well:

  • That is a good idea. Check with your oncologist and they will tell you the best time to get the vaccine.

  • Hi Tabcarney, I've created a discussion thread- hopefully someone on the forum will be able to help!

  • Question: I have a lot of anxiety when i go out, do you have any tips on how to manage this?

    This is very common at this time! We recommend if you are going out to always follow the guidelines: maintain social distancing or wear a mask if this can’t be achieved (particularly in high traffic areas- public transport, etc) and regular hand washing. It’s always a good idea to have a mask and some hand sanitiser on you when you go out. If you feel more comfortable, you may want to go out when it’s less busy (quieter times at supermarkets, etc).

    It is important to enjoy life and be social just consider a safe way to do this ie being outdoors inside of indoors and remember to enjoy.

  • Hi everyone,

    We are almost at the end of our 2nd Live Night session. Please provide us with further comments and feedback about future discussions, eg: treatments, speakers, time and day of event, etc to:

    Thank you!

  • not many around tonight so i will wait till next one,maybe go back to Friday night.I will have news next time and i am soldiering on with hope and possitivity.I am not going to let this cancer take control of my body or my mind.😊regards Tracy and i wish everyone a month of good health xx

  • Thanks Tracy we will wait and see what feedback we get and we can change the nights. We wish you all the best with your results. Stay strong and positive. Dont forget to reach out to the Helpline on 1300 660 334 or your Teal Support Nurse should you require on further support.

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