Anyone on the mid coast of NSW?

Hi all, is there anyone here who lives on the mid coast of NSW who would be interested in meeting up and connecting with other people in a similar situation?


  • Hi my name is Tracy and i was diagnosed in July 2019 with grade 3 HGS Ovarian cancer. I Have undergone frontline treatment and surgery. I continued on Avastin till August 2020 and since I finished treatment my CA125 tumor marker has been rising so i am currently waiting to hear if i have to have more chemo. I have not been able to meet anyone up here with Ovarian cancer,not even when i was having treatment for the 13 months when i was at Port Macquarie Oncology. There are no support groups up here for OC and i would love to arrange a meet and greet. I am so happy to have the Teal Support group and to have my own Ovarian Cancer Nurse Di who has been a part of my journey from the beginning. Without Di i know i would not be in the frame of mind i am in today and i hope that i can one day meet her to personally thank her for everything she has done.I have been so grateful for Ovarian Cancer Australia. I know longer feel alone and they have given me the strength to keep fighting and i will.Regards Tracy😀

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