Advise required and is any one else experiencing this?

im a 4x Ovc survivor aged 46years I'm wondering how many women are experiencing the same if not similar predicament in Australia. I’m based in Perth WA.

In 2018, ceased all further treatment for cancer and stopped participating in clinical trials for reoccurrence of Ovc.

original diagnosis in 2012, was for 3c high grade serous tumour.

last may was given 6-9 months to live and for all of my affairs to be in order as I was terminal and shifted into palliative care with an external service provider.

since then, I’ve been rejected for grants or funding which could assist in the everyday care and support for my daughter (11) years and I because I’m considered to young.

my mother whose supposed to be the carer has checked out and is always triggered and she becomes explosive and volatile. Her mental health issues have been triggered and she acts like I’m not there or pretends this isn’t happening.

I have been unable to DIE instead kept busy with the cooking, cleaning, shopping and providing support to my daughter. these days it has become to much, as my body slips further into sleep mode.

im looking for options that don’t include friends or relatives as I require someone who is experienced and reliable.

has anyone else experienced this and what did you do to try and solve the problem?

please respond


  • Hey Emily I have sent you a private message. Please feel free to reach out to our Helpline on 1300 660 334 for further support. Kind regards OCA Support Team.

  • I have been fighting this disease for 25 years and was stage 3c when I was first diagnosed.

    I am now stage 4 terminal.

    I wonder if you are eligible for NDIS SUPPORT.

    Contact the Cancer Council Australia they should also be able to help steer you in the direction that may be able to help.

    Kind Regards

    Michelle xx

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