Waiting for diagnosis

Hi All, My GP sent me for an ultrasound 5 weeks ago because of prolonged vaginal bleeding. During the ultrasound they discovered a 7.5cm mass on my right ovary. I was sent to a gynaecologist for further review who sent me for a more specialised ultrasound.

The second ultrasound confirmed the mass and they have said it is "most likely" ovarian cancer but they will not know with 100% certainty until I have surgery and they biopsy it. I am now waiting on my oncologist appointment.

My symptoms have been:

prolonged bleeding

frequent/urgent urination (not constant but on and off)

occasional sharp pains in my lower abdomen

regular "crampy" type feelings in my abdomen

and just recently sudden urges for bowel movements

My CA125 levels were fine though but my inflammatory markers were elevated.

My question is, has anybody else ever been diagnosed with ovarian cancer with normal CA125 levels? Am I being too optimistic by assuming that means I don't have cancer and it is just a cyst? I don't want to be flippant and just assume it isn't cancer then be faced with a huge shock but I am having trouble convincing myself this could be true without the elevated levels. Maybe I am just in denial and am clinging to that one thing as my lifeline, I don't know! All I do know is that the waiting between all these appointments is torture :(

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