Hello everyone!

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Hi everyone,

I'm Nikki, I'm 36 and I was originally diagnosed in 2010.  I've had 2 recurrences and a variety of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, unwanted bag-like accessories and so many scans I must be due for super powers soon.  I look forward to sharing experiences, hints and tips with everyone.


  • Hi Nikki,

    It has been a very long experience for you, how are you doing now.

    I like how Rachael moved from QLD to Tasmania and is changing her life for a less stressful life style.

    I also gave up my job and the shift work as I was exhausted all the time. I found concentrating on sleep, eating well, fresh air and doing some things I loved, like  reading and going to the movies all helped.

    Looking forward to this site going ahead. I told 2 people who came into breast screen about the site because they had had Ovarian Cancer too.

    Talk again soon.


  • Hi Nikki,

    I agree with Julie, that eating well and doing things that you enjoy really helps to get you through all the not so good days.

    Even though you are tired, I found that just going for a short walk really helped me.  Also catching up with friends and talking about my issues helped, though I tried not to dwell too long on the negatives.

    There is lots of research going on and the doctors are always coming up with new ideas and drugs all the time.

    Take care.


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