Hi all

Hi. My name is Rachel and I was diagnosed in 2014 when I was 45. After two surgeries I have the all clear.

Sometimes I forget that cancer was a part of my life (if I don't look at the scars and try not to think about the now four monthly follow up visits). I hit the two year mark a couple of months ago with no dramas so now the focus is on moving forward with my life.

My life has changed big time. I decided to use the opportunity cancer gave me to make some choices about where and how I wanted to live. I gave up a stressful job, and my husband and I moved from Queensland to Tasmania just under a year ago.

I held my first Afternoon Teal last year and this year I went along to an Afternoon Teal at Brown Sugar in Devonport and from there I was asked to do a talk with a group in Ulverstone. I am happy to do anything to increase awareness of Ovarian Cancer. The more of us who can be diagnosed early the better.



  • Giving up the stressful job with a treechange to Tassie sounds delightful!  I had a mini holiday there after the surgery, and am back in a few weeks.

  • Best thing we did.

  • Hi Rachel,

    I agree with you, I do really think we have to make changes in life to help us with our health and well being.

    I actually gave up my job and when I was well following treatment and rest. I did 2 trips one with my hubby to Singapore and another with a friend to India. Both inspired me to change my life. I started looking at life differently, changed my diet, and changed how I looked at life. Spent more time in Nature and just being happy. Made a difference. I am now well.

    Kind Regards


  • That's great Julie. I love my time outside. I feel a bit guilty that this new life is benefitting me big time but my husband is still working hard. I am working on resting when I need to, eating whole foods (and some junk - not a saint yet), and getting outside whenever I can during the day. Having lots of animals helps that, they have to be fed even when I feel I want to hide. I'm thinking of retraining before I go back to the work force, only issue there is that the course I would like to do is not available in Tasmania.

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