Hi all, my name is Kerri

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I am 60 and was diagnosed with OC in March of 2014 a couples of days before my 58th birthday. I was lucky to have been treated (an continue to be treated) by amazing doctors at North Coast Cancer Institute in Coffs Harbour NSW and John Hunter Private Hospital in Newcastle NSW. I had four rounds of chemo, carboplatin and paclitaxel, prior to surgery where I had a complete hysterectomy, appendectomy and de-bulking. I was lucky that what was thought to be another tumour was an ovarian cyst so that was all removed along with a large fibroid. I recovered well from the surgery and then had another 3 rounds of chemo. When chemo finished I was put on Avastin and finished that in August of 2015. The results of all of this treatment was good with my CA125 results dropping and holding below the normal point. Unfortunately, there has been a recurrence which was discovered  March 2016 when I developed ascites and the CA125 was slowly creeping up. I had been told there was a 70% chance of recurrence when I had my surgery so I was not surprised when this happened. I am currently being treated with Caelyx and had also been receiving carboplatin but it was too severe on my blood counts and was withdrawn. I am responding well to the new treatment and my CA125 has dropped by about two thirds since restarting chemo, it is still high, but coming down. My reason for joining this group was to try to set up an online support group for those of us with OC that don't live in metropolitan areas but in the country and remote areas. I have found there are cancer support groups in my area, but not specifically for OC. Sometimes I have felt very isolated when something doesn't make sense and I would have enjoyed having someone who is going through the same problem to talk to, even if it is just to:  'get it off my chest'.  If there are others who are interested, please let me know. I wish everyone who is suffering from this disease all the best, my only advice would be to know there are many of us out here going through it too, and support you as much as we can. Take care and, hopefully, keep well. Kerri


  • Hi Kerri,

    I hope you find some other women around you that can form a support group near you.  It is good that your CA125 marker is coming down again.  I was on Caelyx for a while and I found its side effects not at intense as the other chemo drugs.  Do you agree?  I am now on a trial drug called Olaparib.

    This is a good forum to use when you need "to get it off my chest".  I think writing it down can be  just as helpful as talking about it.

    Keep well.



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