Hi I am Vicki born 31/03/59 at 12.10 am. I was diagnosed stage 4 ovarian cancer

To date I have not had a reoccurrence and am on a drug trial of Olaparib. It is going really well except I suffer a lot of fatigue. This is managed by exercise and rest.


  • My diagnosis was November 2013! I tested positive to both mutated BRCA 1& 2 genes.

  • Hi Vicki

    Some of the other ladies on here are on the same drug as you.

    How did it go when you talked to your family about your genetic risk. I am going through the process of testing now, more for my daughter's sake than anything else as I am being monitored to within an inch of my life anyway ;)

    Kind Regards



  • Hi Vicki,

    Exercise is certainly great and seems to help with controlling some of the symptoms of the drugs we are on.  Sometimes it is hard to fit it into our days.  A quick walk, out in the fresh air works for me.

    Genetic testing is an interesting issue, I am glad there are counsellors to help you through it.  As I am a BRCA2 carrier most of my family have been tested.  My brother in London was able to have the test as well, as was my nephew in Canada.

    It is good that the olaparib drug is working well for you.

    Take care.



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