Hello everyone, I'm Kellie

Hello everyone,

My name is Kellie, I'm 42 and was diagnosed in February 2015 after having prophylactic surgery. I'm BRAC1 positive.  The positive BRAC1 diagnosis was hard enough for me to digest and I thought by having the surgery I was taking control of my future. Little did I know .  My Mum had had breast cancer twice and had Ovarian cancer at the time . It seemed surreal, like it was happening to someone else.

On a positive note I have been cancer free for 12 months.  This year I have taken back some of the power and had a double mastectomy and reconstruction.  I have just finished my third and final surgery  two weeks ago .  Yay!!!   Looking forward to sharing and learning from everyone's experiences. X


  • Hi Kellie,  Welcome to our group.  Like you I have the BRCA gene fault and as you say it is a very hard diagnosis to come to terms with.  My diagnosis of ovarian cancer happened in 2012 (4 years ago) and that is also when I found out I had the BRCA2 gene mutation.  A positive side of the gene mutation is that there is a lot of research (world wide, as well as in Australia) happening in this area.  I am on a trial drug at the moment that is specially targeting the BRCA gene.

    Having a double mastectomy and reconstruction would have been very scary and tedious, however it is now behind you and the relief of knowing that you have minimized your risk must be great.  How did you find the surgery experience, as my daughter, who also has the gene mutation is checking out this option.

    Keep well and I wish you a speedy recovery from your surgery.   Helen

  • Hi Helen, thank you.

    I joined this group as it is lovely to have the opportunity to speak to other women in similar situations who can relate to what I've been through and am going through post treatment for ovarian cancer and my prophylactic double mastectomy .  To be honest the statistics scare the hell out of me and I worry about my girls.  I lost my mum to this dreadful cancer 12 months ago, just after I had finished my chemo. I guess I was looking for positive outcomes as I worry it is going to come back.

    Im very interested in learning more about trials going on as one of my greatest fears is my daughters to will be positive and God forbid go through this too.

    In regards to my double mastectomy surgery experience,  I have been very fortunate to have amazing specialists.  Both the breast surgeon and plastic surgeon have been so lovely and have done a great job.  I looked into the different methods and decided to go with reconstruction with implants.  For me this was a three step process as I initially had the double mastectomy and expanders put in February  .  To be honest I found the expanders very uncomfortable and was very glad to have them removed and the implants inserted in May.  Lastly I had my nipples reconstructed two weeks ago which completed the process.  I wasn't going to worry about the nipple surgery but I am very pleased I had it done.  I now feel like I have breasts again.  It is amazing the difference they make and I was shocked how much better I felt about them.  I still have to have tattoos done to complete the look.  I am happy with the appearance of my new breasts but I don't know if it is just me but they still don't feel like they are apart of me, if that makes sense.    I would love to know if this changes as time goes on or just something I have to live with.  It has been a long process but I would do it all again to make sure I'm here for my girls.

    Im happy to answer any questions your daughter may have in regards to my experience.

    Kellie x

  • Welcome Kellie.

    Your journey is very similar to mine. It is a unique challenge getting a diagnosis of cancer after going in for prophylactic surgery and thinking you are taking charge of your health. Of course, any cancer diagnosis is challenging. I do however thank who ever is listening that I was able to find out my BRCA1 status and elect to have surgery. My relatives, and so many other women, were not afforded that luxury.

    I am now at just over 2 years since my diagnosis and travelling along quite well and enjoying my rural Victorian life more than ever.

    I had a mastectomy/recon done a mere 7 weeks after my chemo finished. Fortunately I coped with it all quite well with no complications or setbacks.

    I have 2 daughters aged 25 and 23. The elder underwent genetic testing in May and she is negative for the gene fault. I cried copiously with relief the day she got her results back. My 23 year old is not quite ready to test yet. Looking at testing her when she is 25, like her sister.

    I look forward to getting to know you.

    Christine ??

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