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I am 55 yrs old with two grown up sons and three grandsons and a wonderful hubby who is taking care of me and has been taking care of me for the last 16mths. I was diagnosed stage 4 last yr in july I had no symptoms until my tummy started filling up with fluid and by 3 weeks I looked 8 mths pregnant and was pretty uncomfortable, had a ten day stay in hospital where they drained me and found out the problem.  Was pretty devastated at diagnosis and had to wrap the head around it,  didn't even feel sick to be honest except for the swollen tummy.      Have had 6 doses of  chemo to knock the fluid down and the cancer,  the fluid had gotten into my lungs so had to treat them too,  then a hysterectomy and debulking in January of this year and now on more chemo,  not sure what the out come is going to be but am trying hard to stay positive and stay alive,  I actually look really good and other than the chemo side effects am feeling not too bad,  tummy is a bit swollen at the moment,  was on carboplatin but kept having allergic reactions so had to change to cisplatin last chemo dose man strong stuff, have another dose due next week again the 3 weeks come around so quickly.


  • Hi Marion,  Welcome to our group.  It is interesting how the quickly the 3 weeks come around.  I was always pleased to mark off another of the chemo treatments.  Your situation is very similar to what I had 4 years ago, however when I had a reaction to the carboplatin, they just administered the drug more slowly to me, rather than changing to another chemo.  I guess we are all different.  The nurses used to say to me that I was the first patient into the chemo room and the last to leave!  I am glad the side effects are not too bad for you, I found walking seemed to help me, maybe it distributes the chemo around your body, it certainly helped me mentally.  If the side effects of the chemo are not affecting you too much, do you have any ideas as to why you are managing this so well?  Best of luck with the rest of your chemo and take care.  Helen

  • Hi Marion, thanks for your story, this disease certainly creeps up on us and pulls the rug out from under us. I'm glad that you are looking and feeling well. All the best with your treatments. X

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