Helpful support

Hi Erica,

Welcome to our group.  When I was recuperating from my surgery and chemo, I found that having my partner with me very reassuring and if I felt well enough, we would even go for a walk, sometimes only around the block, however it was good to get out of the house environment for a short while and it does help you mentally.  Jigsaw puzzles are a great idea, especially if you are well enough to sit up for a while. They are something that you can keep coming back to.  Could you arrange for some friends to pop in for a while on different days, as this breaks up the day a bit.  I found reading books very helpful and of course catching up on movies that I had been meaning to see was also great. I didn't have radiation, however I have been told that it can be very tiring, especially near the end, she may just want to sleep a bit.  You sound like a very caring and supportive partner.  You will both be pleased when all the treatments are finished and will feel so much better.  Take care.  Helen

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