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  • Not sure this is where I reply, but Helen asked about my Bevakizumab treatment. (Common name:  Avastin).  I believe it tries to stop regrowth by cutting off the blood supply to the little nasties if (when) they try to reform.

    I'm to have this every 3rd week for 9 months4, but I feel like my hobbles are off, because it's been weekly treatment for 4 1/2 months.  I shall attend everything and go everywhere from here on.  So many enjoyable times involve mixing with groups, which I didn't really appreciate until the immune system was destroyed.

  • Hi Lynn, it was a good place to reply, sometimes you can just go down the page a bit and there will be an opportunity to reply to the post or if you go back a screen into the original topic , you can reply there.

    Thanks for answering my question, I have heard of Avastin and didn't realise that Bevakizumab was its real name.  When I finish this lot of chemo, I may talk to my oncologist about this drug.  You seem to have a great positive attitude to your diagnosis and getting out and about is a great way to go.  We need to hang in there until they sort out a cure to this disease.  Take care.  Helen

  • Hi , I am new to this so hoping I have the right place.  I am having indefinite chemo after I relapsed and metastatic cancer was found.  So far so good, with no further growth of the tumours and with minimal side effects apart from fatigue from chemo.  Tonight I noticed my index finger nail has deteriorated at the cuticle -base of the nail.  No big deal I know but I would rather not lose the nail so if anyone has any tips I would appreciate it.

  • Hi Joy,

    My name is Hayley and I am one of the support coordinators at OCA and the moderator of the online forum. I'm sure many of the women on the forum will have advice for you but it may also be helpful to read this thread from a few months ago with lots of tips;

    All the best Joy,


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