Hi I'm Sue and was diagnosed 4 years ago, had surgery and chemo. Fortunately I have remained well and CA levels stable. I have 4 adult sons and I am sure they have no idea that they are lucky ( and so am I) that I am still around to look after grandchildren etc and have them to dinner etc. I am 68, still work part-time which I enjoy - I hated being home all the time - look forward to hearing from others. Sue



  • Hi Sue,  welcome to the website and it is good to hear your story.  Like you, I was diagnosed 4 years ago, had surgery and chemo and have adult children and I help out with babysitting and have them all around for dinner, which often means 10 of us around the dining table.  It is all fun and I love having them all around so the grandchildren can all play together, though my husband and I are often exhausted after they have gone and there are toys etc from one end of the house to the other.  Do you find it tiring as well?   It is good to hear that you are well and your CA125 levels are stable.  I have just given up my part time job a couple of months ago and it did take me a while to get used to being home more.  I am doing more voluntary work which I really enjoy.

  • Hi Helen, good to hear from you. I guess you have probably had a busy weekend with your family and grandchildren. I certainly did starting with having 2 granddaughters for sleep over on Friday night, then quieter Sat. followed by another son's birthday lunch on Sunday, with eldest son and his family, then BBQ on Monday with 3rd son and his family as he is a chef and only has Mondays free. Melbourne Cup day was quiet - just as well as I knew today would be busy at work. I have the grandkiddies organised to put (most) of their toys away before they leave. - we usually get them to put one lot of toys away before starting something else. Sometimes that works.  How are you and your blood levels? Are you in Melb.? I live in Carnegie and have for 20+ years. I am going to Tai Chi tonight in Brighton - have been going for many years on and off - its the major exercise I do besides walking - with the dog.!! Ah well , better get  myself ready. Cheerio for now. Sue

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