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Hi Cori,  What a pest that it has come back.   I had stage 3 ovarian cancer 4 years ago and had a recurrence late last year and it was on the bowel.  A cancerous node had attached itself to the outside of the bowel and caused a blockage.  I had bowel surgery and had about 10cm's of my small intestine removed.  The surgery was ok and it did take a bit longer to recover, they used the same cut that I had from my previous surgery.   I found that getting out of bed and walking around the wards really helped.  I didn't need to have a stoma, which I was pleased about, however I did find that I had very loose bowels for a while after surgery and even now I am careful that I do not have too many fibrous foods, like nuts, spinich, bran, some fruits etc - all the things that you are meant to eat because they are good for you!  I find keeping to this not too much fibre diet, a bit frustrating as I prefer to eat healthy to give your immune system a boost.  A dietician can advise you as to what is best to eat.  I didn't need to have radiation, however I did have some more chemo.  All the best for your surgery and further treatment.  Helen



  • Wishing you all the best Cori.

  • Hi mine reoccued after 5 years in my sigmoid after slow rising Ca125 levels over 12months Was treated with carbo /doxil over 6months finished early April now on 3 monthly visits to oncologist with monitoring blood tests Hope all goes well for you

  • Hi Cori,

    I've had 3 recurrences and it is always a huge shock.  I have the same problem.  My Cancer markers don't go up.  12 is an elevated level for me!  I'm to the stage now where my doctor ignores my blood levels and relys on scans and me knowing my body and the symptoms to look out for.  As for bowel surgery, I've had 2 stomas and reversals and you just have to be patient with your body and learn what foods agree with you.

    Good luck with everything and keep us posted.



    This is a really good link that tells you about advice following bowel surgery.

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