Hi Guys,

I'm Chris and was diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer in August 2013 at aged 58.  After my operation and then 18 weeks of chemo. I tolerated the chemo for 9 weeks then the Taxol left me needing a few litres of blood. After that I had a port put in and felt a lot better having the chemo through the port as I didn't have a lot of veins left.  The only thing that really got me down was losing my hair, I would look in the mirror and wonder who this woman was...as you all know we are never the same person after this experience or journey as they call it. I have been well, after the treatment finished I did have a few problems with peripheral neuropathy in my legs and feet, a little in my hands still need to press really hard on key pads etc.  Did anyone else notice if they had osteoarthritis that it got worse? I'm having my three yearly bloods done and seeing the gynaecologist surgeon this week... I feel happy and well: still get tired and the mind does forget things I  still claim Chemo Brian and life is a bit slower these days.





  • Hi Chris and welcome!

    Taxol and Carbo didn't like me either.  I ended up having a anaphylactic reaction to the Carbo and Taxol was useless.  I think the port is the greatest invention ever, I'm up to my third one and am in no hurry to have it removed.  I've had a bit of a problem with the osteo as well but mine was a result of menopause.  My oncologist was very helpful and suggested over the counter medications,  (I probably shouldn't be telling people which drugs to take) and fish oil and they were a big help.  Going bald is hard to cope with.  At Look Good Feel Better I was in a room of bald women and all I could think of was the book The Witches when all the witches took of their wigs for their meeting.  I prefer to think of us as all powerful women with no hair, not bald sick people.


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