Hiya, I'm Sirin

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I was diagnosed and treated for an immature teratoma or a 20cm germ cell tumor. I had surgery to first remove the tumor then for staging. I did 3 rounds of chemo and am blessed to know that I am now in remission and disease free. However, as I am sure many of you know recovering from this type of treatment is a big part of the journey. The residual affect of chemo for me has been peripheral neuropathy and fatigue. I am back at work and have two small children and join this forum to find people who I can relate to and share this journey with. Looking forward to chatting with you :)


  • Hi Sirin

    I'm so pleased you are doing reasonably well. When were you diagnosed? What led you to find out you had OC?

    Best wishes




  • Hi Sirin, I was diagnosed last year at around this time had my surgery and then 18 weeks of chemo, and then a reversal of a Stoma, but I agree with you, I think recovering and getting back to normal is difficult. It's a year from my treatment, and 6 months since chemo ended for me, but I still have fatigue, and my feet get so sore, when I first get up of a morning I almost hobble to the bathroom. My hips are sore, and when i exercise it takes ages to recover from muscle aches and pains. Also I get lots of wind, and feel uncomfortable when I sit too long. I wonder when does it get better, do you ever feel normal again?

  • Hi Rachel and Megan,

    Thank you, both for your messages, sorry I haven't responded sooner. I had no idea I had received them till this evening. I hope you are both doing well.

    Rachel, My diagnosis was roughly a year ago and found out when I thought I might be pregnant because I thought I felt a baby's first kick. My GP knew straight away it wasn't a baby and told me after the ultrasound it was cancer.

    Megan, I also find it really difficult in the mornings. I wake up feeling really tight in the muscles and quite stiff in my back. By the time I get showered and drag myself out of the house it seems to settle down a little. I too find it difficult to sit for long periods of time and start getting fidgety.

    My feet used to get really sore in the beginning but that seems to have gone away. I sure hope the same happens for you. I had peripheral neuropathy and did acupuncture which I found really effective. I would love to hear how you are going now.



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