Exercise Physiologist + Acupuncture

Hi all,

After my chemo I had severe and chronic pain. I was finding it difficult to walk, get up from my seat or the floor etc. I have recently started acupuncture and am working with an exercise physiologist to help improve my strength and stamina. It's only been a few weeks and I am already noticing a change for the better in my symptoms.

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  • That's great Sirin.

    I'm going to aqua-aerobics 4 times a week and I am starting to feel great - it took more energy than I had at first but its been worth persevering with.

  • Hi Rachel and Sirin,

    I've been doing exercise physiology once a week for the past 3 weeks or so and I'm increasing that to twice a week from the 9th January due to being in hospital for three months and being weak.


    how do you manage aquarobics with a stoma?

  • I don't have a stoma Jolan, just tummy muscles that needed some serious work after the surgeries. Do you have a stoma care nurse?

  • I do have a stoma/colostomy bag after an op for an OVC tumour.  I don't do regular swimming but on a recent trip to Port Douglas we went on a snorkelling trip.  It doesn't have to be a problem depending on your stoma supplies.  Here is a useful link: https://healdove.com/misc/colostomy-patient_swimming-with-a-colostomy-bag

    Take care,


  • Today many technological instruments available in the medical field. So many advanced technologies support to knowing several health issues with clear information. Lots of people also following the acupuncture treatment for their health issue. Really this is a good thing, but at the same time, we must follow our health expert advice. Another doing simple exercise regularly supports to improving our body health.

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