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My first post on here. I am 49 years old and have 2 daughters one who is 23 & a 13 year old. Last year I had a total hysterectomy & debulking of a 12cm ovarian cyst. The diagnosis was stage 3A borderine ovarian cancer. I was hoping that having had this surgery that that would be the end of my journey besides the 3 monthly blood tests & oncologist visits for 2 years and then the yearly checkups.  I was floored in september when at my oncologist visit she informed me my CA125 levels had risen and I had been getting a stitch like pain for sometime which I had mentioned back in December (I had a CT scan which was all clear) the Dr's thought I may have been getting pain from adhesions. But my last CT scan in September showed I had several lesions on my omentum. I am 5 weeks post op and starting to feel back to normal. I'm not 100% clear on my diagnosis but have been informed the cancer has changed to a low grade carcinoma therefore I will be having chemo. I go back to my oncologist soon & also just before Christmas I have an appointment to arrange the chemo treatment. I'm looking forward to a full recovery eventually. Nice to meet you all :)



  • Hi Jools,

    Welcome to the forum. I hope your oncologist can clarify things for you.

    Do you know why your omentum wasn't removed during your original debaulking surgery?

    Best wishes for the chemo.


  • Hi Rachel, Thanks for the welcome. No my omentum was never mentioned. I didn't even know what one was until recently. Chemo starts on 23 Jan. No fun but has to be done. Thanks again for the welcome x

  • Hi Jool67,

    I also didn't know about the omentum either, until it was removed 4 years ago when I was first diagnosed with Ovarian cancer and I must say I don't seem to have missed it at all!  All the best with your chemo treatment, there is lots of hints on managing your chemo treatment in the resilience kit that you can obtain from this website.  Take care Helen

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