Hi from Jolan

I'm 44 and was diagnosed in July after returning from a 10 week overseas trip. I was admitted to hospital a week after my return. I have advanced ovarian cancer. I also have another condition called acromegaly which was diagnosed when I was in my early 20s. Acromegaly is the adult form of gigantism. Think of Lurch in The Addams Family or the kids movie with giant in in it. I've got chemo brain still!

I ended up with a bowel obstruction which led to a colostomy. I've had 6 rounds of chemo and I'm waiting to see my oncologist on 12 th January for to decide where to next. Hopefully a PETscan and then surgery. I was in hospital for 3 months.

It is very scary not knowing the future. I just keep praying everyday that I will get through this.



  • Hi Jolan,

    Sounds like you are approaching this with a positive frame of mind!  When first diagnosed you seem to lose track of everything and your life becomes a series of doctor's appointment, hospital visits and needles.  How are you going with the colostomy?  I've had both colostomy and iliostomy and they are very confronting.  You feel like you need to reassess the way you see yourself.  Just think of it as an opportunity to shop for new clothes!

    Best of luck for the 12th and keep us up to date!


  • Hi Jolan,

    Yes pretty scary, do you have any support? And does your Acromegaly effect your treatment and your hormones?

    As the pituary gland over produces the growth hormone right.

    Hope the surgery goes well; get those little buggers out, and then you can concentrate on the next step.

    Many Blessings


  • Hi Jolan

    How did you go with your appointment?

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jolan, we have not heard from you for awhile how are you doing?


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