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Does anyone else have a problem generally with breathlessness?  In my case it is not actually linked to the levels of oxygen in  the blood which are 99-100%.  It comes and goes and gets worse with activities like walking upstairs and gardening. I have been having chemo (carbo/gemcitabine) again for a re-currence and the oncology nurses said it was common with women undergoing chemo.

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  • Hi Sara

    I haven't had chemo so I can't comment regarding your experience. What have your nurses told you to expect?

    I did have breathlessness for a while but I had low oxygen levels after years of heavy bleeding depleted my iron stores plus it was just so much effort to breathe deeply. I'm much better now and back to exercising two years post surgery.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Sara,

    I had some breathlessness when I first started chemo after my initial diagnosis, 4 years ago.  My breathlessness was from the extra fluid (ascites) that I had around my stomach area and that was putting pressure on my lungs and after 2 rounds of chemo the fluid level went down and I didn't have anymore breathlessness.  I would let your oncologist know, the next time you see her.  Good luck with your treatment.  Take care Helen

  • I only finished my last chemo last week, yet to get my scan, and I had breathlessness too. Just small things like walking to the letterbox or down to feed the chickens, would really take it out of me. My oxygen levels were good too. I also heard it was common as it was one of the many questions I was asked by the nurses every week prior to chemo commencing. I am interested to see if I feel better in the coming weeks as I had an iron transfusiona and two bags of blood over the past couple of weeks. I just feel so unfit and no energy to get out and do some light excercise.

  • Hi Nicole,

    Yay you finished chemo!!!  What chemo drugs did you have?   When I was on gemcite and cycplatum ( I think that's how you spell them), I was a bit breathless but it was one of the side effects from those drugs.  I have had an iron infusion and it can take a few days to a few weeks to kick in, unlike a blood transfusion which is almost instant.  I would call the treatment room and speak with one of your nurses to start with, they are a fountain of practical advice.  They might be able to help you to get on to your oncologist sooner if you need to.

    Hope this helps!


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