Hi There. Im Kayla.

Hello All.

I just wanted to introduce myself and tell and little bit of my story.

I was diagnosed in 2007 with stage 3 ovarian cancer and had a 15cm tumor removed with my ovary and tube. I was 22 was i was diagnosed. Within 12months i had 2 cycles of chemo and than the other overy removed. Which meant i was 23 going through menopause. Unfortunately for me it jas spread to my lymph nodes. I have had several cycles of chemo including one that I have a severe allergic reaction too.

Today I am on debrafnib and have been for nearly 3yrs all up. I was the first ovarian patient to be put on a trail for the melanoma cancer trail..It has kept it at bay.

I have always worked throughout all of this and will continue too. As i wont let cancer stop me from living my life.


  • Hi Kayla.   What a battle for someone so young as you.   You sure have had a lot of treatment, and I can't believe you have managed to keep going off to work.

    My diagnosis stage 2C was back in Feb 2014 and I was encouraged to have 18 weeks chemo after my debaulking operation.  They said it was to "mop it up".  In May 2016 I was further diagnosed with metastasised ovarian cancer, two tumours in my bowel and one in a lymph node nearby.  Due to their position, I was unable to have an operation to remove them.  The time between my first diagnosis and May 2016 diagnosis had me busy having 12 amalgam fillings removed, along with 4 root canals as well as researching natural therapies for cancer.   I tried to re-build my immune system with various supplements, hoping  it would be enough,  but sadly I still had 50 circulating tumour cells darting around in my blood looking for a weak organ in thrive in, which turned out to be in my bowel.

    Although my mainstream oncologist wanted me to go immediately onto chemo again with an added course of radiotherapy, I decided this time round I would give myself a better chance by not taking all the toxins into my body, and building myself up naturally to fight back.  I did this through a natural therapy oncologist on the Gold Coast and in a follow up CT scan mid last month, I was shown to be cancer free!   Woo hoohooo!  I want to tell the world and thought this would be a good place to start.  I feel amazing, going to gym three times a week, and really enjoying yoga.  The ketogenic diet I was placed on has only made me feel stronger and healthier.

    Im not sure if this information is helpful to you or any other ladies, and I'm happy to share in more detail to those interested.

    I wish you all the best and know that your strong young body is wanting to heal itself.




  • Hi Kayla

    Great to hear from you. You have been travelling this road for a long time. How has it affected your life? Is there anything you wish you had been able to differently looking back?


    Best wishes


  • Hi Kayla,

    Its great your connecting here on this site. Patrice entry looks very interesting and some good tips and options to help you on your journey. Good on you for keeping your self esteem and managing work. Can I ask; What is your Work?

    I think talking with others and getting lots of information is the way to go. So happy to hear you have stabilized at present. Your Resilience is amazing, well done.


  • Hi Patrice,

    Thanks for sharing your story and you must be so pleased to be cancer free.  It is always good to hear about all the different options we can have in our treatments for cancer and the benefits of exercising and relaxation programs.  Keep staying strong, positive and healthy.


  • Hi Patrice, thats amazing news. Can you please tell me the name of your therapist.

    Thanks Valentina

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