Hi all, I'm Lucinda

Hello everyone who is on this wonderful website. I am a very passionate 15 year old from down south WA.  My story consists of my step mum who passed away from ovarian cancer about 4 years ago now. I was quickly attached to her, so when I lost her I was extremely upset, causing depression. I have beat that and gotten over it, but i have not gotten over the fact that thousands of women are dying from this almost unknown cancer that doctors and researchers don't know much about. I am going to start fundraising as soon as I can, starting with something at school and leading hopefully to state/country wide fundraisers.


  • Hi Lucinda,  Welcome to our forum and the Ovarian Cancer website.  It is such an informative website.  It must have been very tough to lose your step mum at such a young age, I lost my Mum when I was 20 and I still think of her often and I am now 64.  February is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, what a great idea of yours to start fundraising.  All those women out there journeying along the path of Ovarian Cancer will be most appreciative of your efforts. Take care. Helen

  • Hi Lucinda,

    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your step mum from ovarian cancer and can imagine how you must have felt. What a wonderful thing you are doing arranging a fundraiser for such a great cause. I will follow with eagerness to see how you go and applaud you for doing this at your age.

    My mum was diagnosed with this dreadful illness last June. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and it has been heartbreaking to see her fade away from the treatment.  She has an amazing Dr. and she has been an absolute inspiration to all of us. She is very positive, strong and has accepted it and hasn't ever said "why me".

    I am very scared of losing her and have made it a mission to spend as much time with hercas I possibly can. We have had some wonderful talks, heart to heart conversations as well as plenty of laughs. She is very loved and supported by her family. She is very grateful for this.

    Our faith in Jesus has also given us the strength to cope and endure. May he do the same to all sufferers and their family and friends.



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