Hi, I'm Karen

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Hi, my name is Karen. Recently I was admitted to hospital with severe Diverticulitis, I was told I would need to have 5 days of intravenous antibiotics. After a CT scan on the 4th day the doctor told me that he thought we were dealing with something more serious. I was told that I would have to have an aspiration of the fluid in my belly so it could be tested for cancer cells WTF. Two days later I was told that my blood test had revealed that one of the tumour markers were high and the doctor thought I had Ovarian cancer. Over the next couple of days I heard the words, spread cancer, Omentum (fat apron) and Peritoneal. All up I was in hospital for 11 days, in that time the ascites (belly fluid) had increased and I was feeling a great deal of discomfort and looked 6months pregnant (not a good look on a 60 year old), within 4 days of leaving hospital I had my first appointment with the gen/one who told me I had stage 3C Ovarian cancer (primary) which had spread to the Omentum and Peritoneal. I had my first chemo 2 days later, due to other autoimmune related diseases, I only received Carboplatin. My schedule was chemo every 3 weeks for 6 rounds, after the 3rd round I'm to have another scan and the surgeons will make the decision to give me a full hysterectomy and removal of the Omentum.

My first chemo alleviated the discomfort of the ascites (thank god), I felt good for the first 3days, then day 4 hit like a ton of bricks, I was so nauseous all day and the medication didn't work. I ended up in hospital that night on intravenous fluids and anti nausea medication, was released the next afternoon. The next 4 days I felt pretty crappy but then there was light at the end of the tunnel and I miraculously felt better. I then preceded to prepare myself for the next round both mentally and physically (making sure I have the supplies on hand), I was supposed to have my 2nd round last Friday but unfortunately my doctor rang and said that my platelets hadn't recovered enough and I would have to wait another week. I had my blood test this afternoon and fingers crossed my chemo will go ahead on Thursday. I just want to get this over with and the operation to get this stuff out of me!


  • Hi Karen

    Wow straight into the deep end. This is a great forum to come to, lots of people here who have trod a similar path. Do you have plenty of support around you?

    Best wishes



  • Hi Rachel

    I am a single mother of a 26 year old trans daughter, so as you can imagine between her disphoria and anxiety I'm more her support system, so it's a bit of give and take at the moment. I'm lucky to have a lot of good friends who have rallied around me, they even compete to see who will be my chemo buddy, I had the first 4 booked out but now thanks to my platelets that has all been tip upside down. Hopefully that doesn't happen again because I really want this cancer gone.


  • Yipee, platelets up to 295, chemo can go ahead tomorrow.

  • That's great news Karen, I hope it all goes smoothly.

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