2nd opinion appointment

Hi family - just made my first 2nd opinion appointment with Koon Foundation Sun Yat Sen Cancer Center - they have a higher survival rate than NTUH but I feel like I am betraying my lovely docs there already! I am teary eyed. I have had July off and now back in the saddle with MEDICAL - but I think having a second opinion will help with peace of mind - I start back to work Aug 1 and cannot have medical stuff interrupting work although I go for blood at 6:30 am Friday Aug 4 before school and see my NTUH doc on Sat - no one has said like yeah you will be able to vacation next year - or you will be around - I guess that's what I want to know. xo Healthy Now


  • Hi Sandra, good on you for seeking a second opinion.  I hope it proves worthwhile and gives you peace of mind.  I am pleased you are getting back to your normal routines and will start work again soon.  In my experience, I found it good to get back to normal things, however I was very tired at first, make sure you are gentle on yourself and don't expect too much.  I also have found that doctors are not in a position to tell you that you will be good - or be around next year, they can't guarantee anything and can only quote statistics.  I guess they tend to tell you the bare minimum about survival and hope you are going to perform better.  I take the attitude that I will get on and live my life as much as possible, until I am told that they cannot do anymore to help me.  Good luck with the second opinion.  Helen

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