Chemo 11 - so tired!

Hello Family, Just completed chemo 11 with topotecan - 45 min drip.  Laid around in hospital all day Saturday and just got home today Sunday.  WHY am I so tired!  I had pool, park, explore, do nails, have facial, wash hair for first time since October 2016  - with conditioner on my list and guess where I am going?  To bed for a nap.  What's happening in your worlds of living with cancer one day at a time (thanks again to Helen for explaining blood transfusion - that term was used for the first time by a nurse yesterday "you are not so anemic that you need a transfusion."  If she had said this without my conversation with Helen I would have FREAKED).  Oh yeah, this anemia thing - I had low reds in Oct and Nov - started using protein powder EVERY day and they went up - going back to this practice and seeing if it will work again.  (ENSURE, Abbott Labs, powder.)  (Last time, Holland made powder)  xo H.N.


  • Hello Sandra, I hope you are feeling a bit less tired today.  Maybe you are back at your school.  I had a good weekend, after my chemo on Friday, however am feeling a bit quiet today, having a restful day catching up on emails and a bit of reading.  Glad to hear that my information about blood transfusions have helped you.  Take care  Helen

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