For Helen

Helen - How are YOU feeling today?  Nice that you have the lifestyle to accommodate a bit of reading and emails and rest.  Those days are over for me - I was off Jan to July 31 with a bit of subbing but feel I used my time wisely to heal from surgery - as you thought I was back to school Aug 1 with weekends off which is great about this chemo - Sat drips.  I felt much more energetic today and got a lot accomplished.  The ebb and flow of red blood cells.  Again, I am so grateful you educated me on blood transfusions.  I cannot figure this - my sister is not platinum resistant but I am.  My doctor has not yet recommended the BRCA, Olaparib, or HIPEC.  My sister is having major health problems, has never returned to work or any activity - I feel like we are not related in how our cancer has manifested, further reinforcing the comment that no two cancers are alike.  xo H.N.


  • Hi Helen,

    Like you I'm platinum resistant and giving my oncology team all sorts of headaches.  Don't stress about blood transfusions. I've had about 10 of them and platelets and I've had no negative effects.  I'm back at chemo again finally passing the halfway point so after today 2 cycles left!!!  Like you I used my time off to get stuff done and enjoy myself.


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