I am totally bummed out ...the hospital just said I have to have a blood transfusion tomorrow and then another blood test before chemo (topetecan) - when we spoke I thought it would be like FIVE years before this would happen - that the he-moe-globe - in would be ok for several years and then it would weaken and require assistance as in BLOOD TRANSFUSION.  I am totally more afraid of a blood transfusion than chemo - I am going to have to do a lot of talking to God tonight and tomorrow.  How can I be riding a bicycle and climbing 72 stairs, standing on stools putting up bulletin boards, cooking, going to the market and NEED A TRANSFUSION????  I am not a happy camper right now.  It's like ok God I'm done ...what happens if I just quit.  Don't show at hospital, never call another doctor and just go to work until I can't work any more and then I'll probably just go home to you.  H.N. (NOT)


  • H Sandra,

    Try not to worry about the blood transfusion!  Remember it is not about the timing of when you need it (5 years), it is all about the fact that the chemo destroys some of your good cells as well as the nasty ones, so your red cells have suffered.  I think it is better you have the boost to your red cells, otherwise the red cells will not be carrying as much oxygen around your body that you need.  I am surprised that you didn't get puffed out walking up those stairs, as I get short of breath when my red cells are low.  Like Nikki, I have had 3 blood top ups and I have always felt better after them and never had any other issues with the top up.  They will make sure that your blood type is cross matched.  It usually takes a couple of hours to give it you, so take some reading matter.   Take care.  Helen

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