Hey All - anyone using mistletoe?  How do you take it?  I have no interest in injecting myself with anything so that option is not available - they use it here in Taiwan under a Chinese name - just curious.  Had a great week - how about you?  I am off chemo this w/e so happy :-)  H.N.


  • Hi Sandra,  I have never taken mistletoe and can't offer any information regarding it, I have always associated it with Christmas.  I am glad your transfusion went ok and you are feeling better and having a break from chemo will make you stronger.  You will need to ask the doctors about how many transfusions you can have, as I have no idea, though on reflection I can't see why it would be limited.  I am just getting over a nasty cold and was very pleased that last week was my week that I didn't have chemo.  The cold certainly laid me low.  We are having a rather cold winter this year.  I guess it is nice and warm in Taiwan.   Take care  Helen


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