Any specialists in hair care?

Does anyone know a hairdresser who can do something when my hair gets long enough to do something with?

I have done 6 rounds of chemo, finished a month ago and now it is starting to grow, but I believe it takes quite some months to get presentable.  I had dark brown hair, with silver stripes, but I think it is now white.

Maybe someone specialises in fine "chemo hair"?

Any info appreciated -




  • Hi Lynn,  After my first lot of chemo, my hair came back very curly, quite strong and quite grey, my hairdresser just said to keep it relatively short.  It did take a couple of months before I felt comfortable not wearing a head scarf.  After a number of cuts it went back to my normal straighter hair.  That was a few years ago and with the different lots of chemo, I don't always lose my hair.  My hairdresser says that the texture of my hair seems to change with every different chemo I have, so I am sorry I don't have any hints to help you with.  My grey seems to be not as much now.  I have chosen to not have any more hair colour put in.  We are all different.  I hope you managed the chemo ok and are now feeling a lot better.  Take care  Helen

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