How are you going now, Rhonda?

How are you going now, Rhonda?  I, too was diagnosed back in March.  I seem to have got through the "worst of the first" phase of treatment, with various side effects, but now more or less OK.


  • Hi Lynne

    Like you I've got through the chemo - as devastating as it was.  I wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy !!

    The first 10 days post the chemo were horrendous - but have a fabulous support base & they all got me through it.

    I'm now on a trial with Peter Mac (Melbourne) of Veliparib/Placebo - but they're sure I'm on the real thing because of the side effects I've had.     Side effects are low grade nausea (eased by Maxalon), depression (I call it my sadness), sleeplessness & dreadful neuropathy in my feet.   But last week they reduced my dose slightly and the depression has gone - PHEW !!

    Tomorrow I have my 18 week post surgery CT - anxious !!

    Cheers & best of luck with this insidious disease


  • Hi Rhonda

    How did your CT go? I'm glad you are feeling better regarding the depression. The OC diagnosis and treatment is enough without a chemical trigger for depression as well.

    Best wishes


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