Thanks Helen re hair

Thanks Helen.  Mine seems to be growing back.  It's about 1/2 inch all over.  Too fine to see yet, but I think it's gone white, when it used to be brown with silver streaks.  It's been 4 1/2 weeks since my last chemo, but I wouldn't be game not to wear a scarf or wig for a while yet.   Can't stand the look myself and don't want to frighten the neighbours!   So good to have my energy back and to be able to mix with groups again.


  • Hi Lynn, I have just realised that it is almost a month since your post and I was wondering how your hair is going.  I hope it has now grown back to a nice length that you are comfortable with and don't need to wear a wig or scarf.  My hair initially came back grey, however now it has gone back to my original colour with a sprinkling of grey through it.  It is good that you are getting back to your normal rountines.  Helen

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