Hello everyone - will soon start chemotherapy

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Hi to all

I am Anne and I recently had a surgery and will start chemotherapy this Thursday. I want to try to get support from you ladies who know what I am going through. It has been a tough 5 weeks for me after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 1c. I try my best to see the light in this but sometimes I feel so sad and alone and mostly scared now that treatment will start. It is nice to hear inspirational stories from all of you and I pray that my treatment will be kind to me . Appreciate any helpful tips that I can do before I start this Thursday .

Thank you. 



  • Hi Anne,

    Welcome, it’s so great to have you hear amongst us. You’re feelings we can relate to. Uncertainty can be really tough and I too joined this group when I felt unsure. It helped a great deal. I had three rounds of chemo myself and I have to say it was a challenge but the anticipation was worse than the reality. We are so blessed to receive treatment at a time where side effects are managed really well. I vocalised my side effects with my nurses and oncologist and they were great with helping me manage them. Wishing you all the best for Thursday, be kind to yourself, try to tackle each challenge as it presents itself and please continue to share your experiences, concerns and journey with us.

  • Thank you Sirin for that lovely message. Yes we are lucky that chemotherapy now is different and we can take medications to at least ease the effects. I just am feeling nervous but I always try to have a positive outlook . I can already feel that this forum where all ladies share is really helping me go through this. Would love to hear from all of you. Thank you .


  • Hi Anne, Welcome to the site, it is true the side effects of chemotherapy are managed so much better these days they have anti-nausea drugs and a list of things to take and do in order to minimise and handle to side effects, but they will tell you at your education hour before you have chemotherapy. I agree having a positive outlook is the best, you were very lucky to catch this horrible cancer at stage 1, that is an amazingly positive, at Stage 1 it is curable. Ros x

  • Hi Ros

    Thank you for the encouraging words. It is really good to know that you all understand what everyone is going through here.


  • Hi Anne,

    I think I have already posted in another section but will write again. Where are you having chemo? I found I felt good day one and two so take advantage of this.  Do you have family to support you?  if not I am here probably not for coffee maybe soda water it was my drink of choice.  Talk soon



  • Hi Lyn

    I have treatments at Newcastle. Finished my very first yesterday and thank God it went well , so far no reaction and I did try the scalp cooling which I tolerated as well . I felt good and hopefully Day 2 as well based from your experience .

    Yes whenever you are free , understand it's the holiday season now and everyone is busy.

    Thanks Lyn





  • Hi Anne,

    Please know your not alone and we know what your going through. It's a roller coaster of emotions that's for sure. I found chemo quite easy and even went alone and took it as an opportunity to read a good book. The only real side effect for me was fatigue about 4 days after chemo, so I made sure I took it easy and had early nights. I found it very helpful to do daily meditations (and still do) to handle the stress. Good to see your doing well.

    Al x

  • Hi Alice

    Thank you for your message and hope you had a lovely new year. I finished my second treatment Friday and so far I am ok , resting on my fourth day today . I cannot seem to find it easy to sleep . Any tips on your meditation and preparations ?


  • Hi Everyone

    My mum has recently been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her mass is the size of a cricket ball.  Her specialist plan of treatment is 9 weeks of chemo then operation and more chemo.  I have a few questions being new to all this. She had her 1st dose of chemo last Tuesday and is due for the next on this week, but has found out her platelets are slightly low,  is there anything we can do to try and raise them?  At this stage they are looking at cancelling chemo because of it. Any helpful advice greatly appreciated.



  • Hi Kyla

    my mum also has been diagnosed with oc. she is 90

    they are suggesting starting low dose of chemo

    can i ask how old your mum is and how did she go with the chemo?

  • I'm feeling sorry to hear about your mum. I hope your mom will get recover soon.t To increase platelets you can add vitamin krich foods,  vitamin B9 or folate rich foods including orange juice, kiwi, spinach, leafy green vegetables, black-eyed peas, brussels sprouts etc. after consulting with your doctor. These foods can help increasing platelets count naturally. But your mum's doctor(specialist) can guide you best.

    Good luck with the treatment. Best wishes!

  • First of all i wish you a good luck for upcoming chemotherapy. I hope you will get better results after chemothereapy and you will get well soon as well. I think you're really luck that you've got diagnosed at early stage, may I know how did you find out about your ovarian cancer(OC)? What were the early symptoms that you were facing, that you decided to get diagnosis.

    I know that this is really hard to face all hard things and baring pain alone, but I think this is the best you can do for the best and healthy future. At this time you n eed mental support from your family so I'd suggest to spend some time with your family and be positive. You'll feel at ease and relax after spending time with them.

    Btw how are you doing after surgery?

    Best wishes!

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