Parp Inhibitors - Recurrence


My mom has had a recurrence.  The doctor is talking parp-inhibitors in a carboplatinum sensitive person.  Anyone here doing parp-inhibitors?  They seem amazing.


  • Hi Singsongy,  Yes I agree the parp-inhibitors are amazing.  I was part of a trial in Sydney and I was on Olaparib and I tolerated it very well,the side effects are not as nasty as chemo!  It was good being on the trial as I met lots of other women doing the same journey with the parp-inhibitors.  Some of them had been on them for 2 0r 3 years.  I was on the trial for 18 months and it was good to be cancer and chemo free for that time.  Unfortunately I had to come off the trial as my marker started to go up and there were strict parameters regarding the trial.  I am now just completing a regime of chemo.  That was about 9 months ago and the trial is still going and is very successful for lots of women.  I hope your Mum can have a successful journey with the parp-inhibitor.  Which one is she on?  Take care Helen

  • Hi Singsong again,  I forgot to mention that there is also a great webinar on Parp inhibitors at" that you might be interested in. Helen

  • Hi there, I am catching up on this site as I haven't visited for a while.  I initially had chemo, which didn't I started on a PARP inhibitor trial earlier this year in May...the trial worked for approx. 6 months where one of my tumours shrunk and the other one completely disappeared...unfortunately I have more tumours growing and have just started on an immunotherapy trial...hoping your Mum has success!

  • Hi Lisa,  I am interested in the immunotherapy trial, what does it involve?  Helen

  • Hi Helen, sorry, I've only just gotten back on this site today...I started on an immunotherapy trial mid November and have so far had two infusions.  It is a very new drug, only started being trailed in the past few months and is a first in human studies trial.  It doesn't seem to have the side effects that chemo does, but having said that, this past week since my second infusion I haven't been feeling great...but I sort of wonder whether that is because of the busy-ness of the season, the immunotherapy or the cancer.  I have also had a friend die just this week after a long battle with breast cancer and that has thrown me...I will have a CT scan in a couple of weeks which will hopefully show some shrinkage of the tumours.  Hope this answers your question.  Have a Happy New Year

  • Hi Lisa,  thanks for getting back to me.  How are you feeling now that Christmas is behind us?  Are you doing the trial in Melbourne or Sydney?  I am sorry to hear about your friend, it does tend to affect us more than we think. Take care and you also have a happy new year.  Helen

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