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Hi, Feeling very emotional all afternoon as I found out today I'm due to have surgery the week my 6yr old starts grade one and 4yr old starts kindy.  Not the best situation as I will be away for a few weeks as I live regional......but anyways has to be done. Very nervous thinking about the surgery, any tips on how to prepare for surgery and recover afterwards.  Thanks Annette


  • Hi Annette

    Hope you are feeling much better now.

    Sorry to hear that you will be away when your kids go to school but you are right it needs to be done and the good thing is you know that after the surgery you will have good results. I have had so many surgeries that I may have been used to it.  Plan what you have to do before surgery because after that you need all the rest you can get.  They give instrauctions on what you need to do on a day to day basis post op. I read it and followed each one depending on how I feel and if I know that my body can handle it and before you know it you are able to do things as normal. Hope this helps.

    Good luck and will pray for your recovery . Good luck with your kids going to school as well.



  • Hi Annette,

    Face time or Skype their first day at school!!!  Best tip for after surgery is walk, walk, walk.  As soon as you can get out of that bed get out and stay out, you can feel your body heal.  Do the coughing exercises, they hurt but hold a pillow over your stomach to hold everything together.  Somewhere on this forum is a post by me and they are my top ten tips for surgery.

    Good luck.


  • Hi Annette;

    Thanks for your post and to Anne and Nikki for their helpful replies. I am one of the support coordinators here at OCA and I thought I'd chime in with a link to Nikki's post with her tips for recovering from surgery; . Hope this is helpful!

    Hayley, Support Coordinator, Ovarian Cancer Australia

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