Hi, I'm Jenny

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Hello ladies, I am just new to this wonderful community,

I was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer in August, 2014. I had a radical hysterectomy and omentum removed. This was followed by 6 cycles of chemo and Avastin. I had a recurrence in May 2016 and had another round of chemo. I became allergic to carboplatin so went on to cisplatin. Treatment was successful. I've had another couple of rounds of chemo since then.

I am now currently on an oral chemo called Cycloblastin and keeping fingers crossed that it has a positive effect.

Life is still good with this nasty disease. One of my daughters got married in Feb 17 and my other two daughters are getting married, one in May and the other in June. I've got my dancing shoes ready! But I'm hating the impact this is having on my beautiful family and friends. Hard lessons to learn.


  • Hi Jenny, Welcome. I think we can all say we hate the impact this horrible disease is having on us and our families. I know I’m over the anxiety and getting depressed and upset, I have 2 boys 31 and 20, so I get so upset worried I’m not going to see them get married and have kids. Everyone is always like don’t let it rule your life, don’t let it stress you and get you down, yep not sure how to do that yet, I was diagnosed months ago, so for me it is still very new. I don’t think asking to live till I’m in my 90’s or at lest 89 is to much to ask. I just want to grab these doctors and scientists and knock their heads and say come on find a cure.

    I’m coming to the end of my frontline treatment, so I’m getting very anxious and starting to worry about reoccurrence. Well I’d say terrified about it. Finding it very difficult to move on from it and when I see my family I just cry. I try and be strong but it just takes it right out of you.

    If they can get breast cancer to 95% survival why can’t they with ovarian. This government needs to speed things up.

    Anyway take care let us know how your going. Sorry for the rambling had a bad weekend.




  • Hi Dionne,

    You must not apologise for what you call rambling...I call it venting and that's ok. I'm sorry you had a bad weekend and I hope the next one will be much brighter for you.

    I learned some time ago to let go of, and not mourn the things that have not happened, i.e. future weddings, grandchildren etc. I totally live in the present so that I don't blink and miss a thing, that way I can truly appreciate what's happening in the moment. I understand where you're coming from but for me I would prefer to revel in the love and support I'm receiving around me. This is a very difficult situation, not only for us, but for our loved ones.

    At the end of my frontline treatment I too remember feeling anxious. It was during my first treatment in Dec 2014 that the Lindt Cafe siege happened. That shook me into realising that life is fragile for everyone, not just us who are battling with this disease. That turned me around and made me live each day to the best of my ability.

    I wish you peace and all the very best moving forward.



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