stage 4

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Hi Im Joan, I was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 December 2014, had several occurrences since then, only seem to go about three months and I'm back in for chemo


  • Hi Joan, I was at stage 3c in April 2018, and was told to 'go and live your life'.... 4 years seems great so far (I didn't believe I had that long)   I now see years of the treatments ahead that I will have to live and manage each and every day like you are suggesting... I think that the side effects are the worst. My family have been super, but its seems like I want to talk about how I am feeling both physically and emotionally, but I am meant to be the mum - I am meant to be the caregiver and now when I need the care I cannot bring myself to ask for it- from my children especially.  I want to spare them from this horrific journey I am on - and that I may have given to them too through their genes.  My husband has been so amazing, words cannot ever thank him enough.

    My love to you. Claire

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