First Chemo Today

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Hi there - I am Angela

Diagnosed 12 March - First chemo 15 March

Feeling ok so far

Now that I have started my recovery journey I am ready to start finding out more

There must be so much to know




  • Hi Angela,

    Welcome to the forum.  You will find a lot of information here!!  Is there anything in particular you'd like to know??

    A little about me..... I was diagnosed back in September 2014.  Had a hysterectomy and removal of tumour, followed by 6 months of chemo! (Taxol & Carboplatin) I'm happy to say that there is no evidence of disease.

    Please feel free to ask anything and I will do what I can to answer.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi there Karen - thank you so much for replying - I am just trying to figure out which mobile device is best to communicate with  - iPhone/iPad/PC ?

    My username in my pic says “Gregry” that is actually my middle name and my preferred name - Angela is my first name though

    I am looking at 3 chemo treatments with the same drugs as you, then same surgery then 3 more chemos

    I am so glad that you can report as cancer free - fantastic to hear!

    The chemo hasn’t made me ill.....yet.....fingers crossed

    They said my hair might start going in the 2nd week - I have ordered a fun hat

    I look forward to chatting more - thank you again for responding to my post - I really appreciate it ??


  • Hi there Karen - are you still there?

    I am at day 5 of the second chemo - same drugs that you said you had

    I had my head shaved cos my hair started to go and was feeling pretty awful yesterday - tired and sick - on the way back up today though I think

    I want food but have no tastebuds, and my brain can’t seem to come up with ideas - did you have any favourites?

    Does anyone post food ideas anywhere?

    Thank you


  • Hi Angela,

    Welcome to our forum. I just wanted to respond to your question about food. I had three rounds of chemo (Etoposide and Cisplatin). I found that I was totally put off hot food altogether. I wanted only cold food like fresh fruit, veggies, cold drinks and ice chips. During my treatment I didn't really eat that much, to be honest, I just grazed throughout the day.

    Brain fog was also apart of my treatment. It can be frustrating from time to time when you struggle to make decisions about the simplest things, please know this is the treatment and not you. I struggled with the lack of cognition but slowly learnt to take things nice and easy one moment and decision at a time (if I could make that decision at all).

    I hope this has helped a little. Please keep your questions or concerns coming, there is always someone on the forum that will be able to relate.

    Take care,


  • Hi Angela,

    Again welcome to the forum, as Karen and Sirin have said you can post any questions here we have been in your shoes. A little about me I was diagnosed with OC after an operation which they thought was a cyst on the ovary, I had already had a partial hysterectomy but he left the ovaries that was in 2000. In late July very early August 2013 I had two really severe back aches no other worries,  I won't go into the details but on 6th August 2013 I was operated on and three days later given the diagnosis of Stage 3c OC, I started the same treatment as you in early September and underwent 18 weeks of taxol/carboplatin. In August last year I was cleared so I don't need to see my Oncologist or Surgical Oncologist, my GP will still monitor my bloods every 6 months so I'm still being looked after very well.  I was very lucky I think and tolerated the chemo's I did shave my head like you after the second treatment my hair was coming out in clumps, I wore the bamboo little caps I found them really comfortable. Food wise yes I had that metallic taste but that disappeared after a few hours, I also took any medications that the chemo nurses advised me to have. My eating was just little meals often, as Sirin said "Chemo Brain" is real its like your in a fog, just remember your body is going through a lot, so be kind to yourself and only do what you can do. Fatigue is also a side effect of the treatment if you need to rest listen to your body even if its just listening to music. You sound like your coping well, keep us in the loop as to how your going. I don't think we post food ideas?

    Kind Regards,


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