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Hi everyone I’m June.

I’m 56 and I’ve just been diagnosed with ovarian cancer three days ago, but  I don’t know what stage it’s at just yet.

My doctor has sent off a referral to Brisbane and marked me as urgent. I just have to be patient now and wait for an appointment.

It came as a shock, but I guess that’s the same for everyone.

I’d been having digestion issues, constipation, needing to urinate more frequently, and that’s why I went to the doctor.  When she was examining me and pushed on my abdomen she felt something.

She ordered blood tests and sent me off for a CT scan  I didn’t even know we had a CT machine in our small town but I was lucky we did.

When I went back for my results she said I’m sorry but it’s ovarian cancer. I have what appears to be a 6.5cm growth on my ovary. Hoping it might be a cyst and not cancer I asked about the blood tests.

She had done one to look for cancer markers in the blood. Apparently normal would be about 30 U/ml and mine was 420 U/ml.

I have 1001 questions but for now the most important one is how and when  to tell my family.

I’m the sole carer for my grandson and it’s his 15th birthday on Saturday, then Easter, so definitely not until after that. But do I tell them before I get to see a specialist, or wait until after that? How do I break the news? I want to be as calm as possible when I tell them, so rehearsing something beforehand is probably best, but I don’t know what to say. Any advice would be wonderful, as I’m emotional and clueless right now.



  • Hi June,

    I can imagine all the thoughts and feelings going through your mind at this time, shell shocked is a good term. The decision to tell the family only you can make. Emotions have a ways of showing and your family may pick up that something is not right with you, we are all human in that respect. After Easter you could advise them that tests have shown you have a cyst on the ovary and have been referred to a specialist for further evaluation.

    Your GP sounds great and looking after you. As you say the CT scan showed a growth on your ovary which I am sorry to say the only way that the gynecological oncologist surgeon can test that it is cancer, is at the time of the operation when they do biopsies of the cyst and surrounding tissues and organs. The blood marker for Ovarian Cancer is CA125 which doesn't always mean it Ovarian Cancer it's one of those tricky cancers where they need to go in. You will not know what Stage it is until the surgeon has done the surgery, I got my results 4 days after surgery. I hope you don't need to wait too long to see the specialist in Brisbane.

    I hope this helps its not an easy time, time seems to stand still, were here for you if you have any further questions and please keep us posted on what the Specialist says.

    Happy Birthday to your grandson on Saturday and Easter with your family.

    Kind Regards,


  • Thanks Chris.

  • Hi everyone

    I am caring for my mum who has been diagnosed with stage 3c ovarian cancer. Mum will be receiving her first chemotherapy cycle (Paclitaxel  and Carboplatin) next week. Love to hear from any one.


  • Hi, can I ask how old your Mum is as it would help. I’m sure the chemo nurses took you through all the pros and cons. My advise is that your Mum take any meds that the nurses suggest as I found this very helpful and also when she gets home, they have meds to help with most of the symptoms. She will be tired as it’s very a very scary and emotional day for her and you. Chemo effects everyone differently so you might have to see how she goes. Let her do her normal things it keeps her in routine and it’s normality for her.  Always be kind to yourself and both take one day at a time. Im so pleased she has you there for support and your strength.




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