What a journey!

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Hi, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer in July 2017.  I completed 36 infusions of chemo and five surgeries and I am now NED.  I am so grateful.  I have a rare Ovarian Cancer presentation.  I had no cancer in my Ovaries or anywhere in my reproductive organs.  My cancer was near my pancreas, liver and stomach.  In lymph nodes only.  It still bewilders me that I had Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 and no symptoms.  My GYN Surgeon also said my Ovaries were pristine so there had been no cancer there previously. She would say I was complex, unique and complicated regarding my cancer.  I am just so happy to alive.


  • Hi Jules,

    What wonderful news I am so happy for you. Your OC was very well disguised and as your Oncology Surgeon said "It's Complicate" the body is amazing how we can have such a destructive cell in our body and in your case no ill effects, its quite scary.  I think its time for you to go and enjoy your life after all this,  do what makes you happy enjoy every blessed day, take care of yourself you've been through a very tough time physically and mentally.

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