Sometimes doctors just miss diagnosing

In September 2019 I was diagnosed with Stage 4B ovarian cancer. This was 12 months after my 28 year old daughter was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer. My daughter has the BRCA1 gene, I don’t have any blood gene mutations so this was unexpected. For over 12 months I had been going to my doctor and ER complaint of pain in my liver area. Blood tests, numerous CT Scans did not pick anything up. Towards the end of trying to find out what was wrong with me I thought I must be imagining things. Then the unexpected weight loss started. Along with my upper abdomen swelling to a point where I looked like I was 9 months pregnant and I was in pain. Off to the ER and another CT Scan and blood work and I was hit with the “I’m sorry you have cancer and we think it’s come from you ovaries”.

i was dumbfounded but resilient in the fact that it is what it is and I accepted it without drama. I have sworn under my breath a lot and after 4 rounds of chemotherapy, feeling so useless and sick I finally am scheduled for surgery and then more chemotherapy after surgery.

I keep thinking that I can’t do more chemotherapy but because I traveled my daughter’s journey with her I knew what to expect, when to get rid of my hair before I had chunks falling out and then reassessed my thinking. It's a road I have to travel.

I urge people not to be complacent, don't accept that the medical establishment can't find what's ailing you. I accepted it and ended up a Stage 4 - the cancer had travelled.

Be proactive in demanding answers. This is part of my story. Liz McLaren


  • Hi Liz,

    My name is Michelle. On 11/3/1996 I was 34 and diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer. I was miss diagnosed for many years and one Dr even tellling me he would recommend a Phsycharist. Your story runs parrell to mine.

    After 6 months of hard core chemo I was told I would be lucky to see 2 1/2 years and would be dead by 5 that was 25 years ago.

    I have had many operations and I can't remember how may chemos I have continus chemo. This journey is hard and you will find strength and learn things about your self that will change your whole world.

    You will become stronger.

    You always have hope and with the love and support of all your firends and family and dthe love they all have for you stay positive and grab every opportunity for any treatment offered.

    All of what happens to you are side affects and wear off once you stop treatment.

    Not sure what state your in Qld allows medicial maraujana in oil, bud and CBD in capsul I think. They are located in Eagle Farm I think. There called Plant Med. Many believe it helps with the side affects. This treatment is also being used in many countries overseas for Cancer and other ailments.

    Keep your chin up stay positive and on the hardest days when the effort to think anything good I play the glad game from the Pollyanna movie. I find something anything (the fact that I can walk to the bathroom, or shower myslef or the abilty to see the bird, anything, and keep moving on from there.

    This is your personal journey you be the one in control not the cancer

    Take care sending you lots of stregth to kick the ..... up the bum ,,,

    Happy New Year,


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