90 year old mum 18 CM cystic mass

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Hi all, looking for some advice.

My 90 year old mother has been diagnosed with large cystic mass 18 cm x 10 cm , ovarian cancer.

We have drained 2 litres of ascites, which shows cancer cells, there is no cancer to any other organs present. Her CA125 is at 1860 which is very high

Wondering if anyone has undergone surgery to remove a mass this size?  What age are you , complications etc.  Doctors have conflicting information . its a slow growing mass and advice is Chemo will not be affective.  recommending surgery followed by chemo .

Can anyone help please??

thank you




  • Hi Rosa,

    I don't have any experience with this particular type of problem. I have been fighting Ovarian Cancer for 25 years on 11/3/20. I was 34 when I was diagnosed and just turned 58 a week ago.

    I have always followed the advice of the experts and been guided by there decisions and advice.

    I do know from my own personal experience with surgery and chemo, the best outcome I have had was by having the operation as they will cut out everything they can see and be able to look around inside while they are there and clean up anything else as well.

    Any operation comes with risk as you are being put under anesthetic. Chemo reaction and side effects is dependent as to what drugs they decide to use and everyone is different so each persons reaction is individual.

    If it was me I would be following the advice of the experts. Have a meeting be armed with all the questions you have and than make the decision on what path you and your mum want to take.

    I wish I could be of more help but I have not had any experience with the situation you have mentioned.

    Take care and I'm sure what ever path you decide on will be the correct one.

    Kind Regards

    Michelle xx

  • Thank you Michelle for your advise

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