To Nicole -

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So scary isn't it? I had radical surgery last April. I would just say to remember they have to tell you the worst scenario, but then you have to hope for better. In my case I was terrified, but no, I did not have to have a bag, or a stoma, although I was warned both were possibilities. You must be much younger than me if you are still working, so that is going for you. My ca was very aggressive, so they had to treat it aggressively, but I did all they suggested and am fine at present. Finished 6 months of weekly chemo, now only every 3 weeks have an intravenous Avastin to try to stop regrowth.

So, good luck Nicole!


  • Hi Lynn

    glad to hear you are beter

    can i ask how old you are? my 90 year old mum has been diagnosed and we are going through the process to operate or not

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