Coping with loss

Hi my name is Steph, not sure if this is the right place but I lost my Mum, my rock and my best friend to OC two months ago and I am really struggling with grief and anger that such a fit and healthy lady got this insidious disease. Is there anyone out there in the same position? People don’t really understand OC and I find her death very hard to talk about



  • Hi Steph,

    I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your Mum to OC. I have not lost anyone close to me like family however I have lost friends I have gained through my own journey with this insidious cancer and know your very raw at the moment and angry. I totally agree with you that people just don't understand what an insidious disease this cancer is and it's swiftness only being diagnosed mostly when it's stage 3 or 4. Ovarian Cancer Australia does have councilors that you can talk too and Support Resources. I think you should speak to someone it really does help. There is also the Cancer Council as well. My heart is heavy for you as grief has it own course with ebbs and flows and everyone grieves differently. Make to call and talk to someone who does understand your pain, I wish you the very best, please take care of yourself and be vigilant in your own care.


  • Thank you Chris xx

  • Hi Steph

    I am so sorry to hear the loss of your Mum. I also lost my Mum to ovarian cancer, and I share many of the emotions you have described.

    Ovarian cancer is so misunderstood and incredibly challenging to talk about.

    Thinking of you during this difficult time.


  • Hi Steph I lost my mum to OC almost 40 years ago and it is hard to be with out a mum. I can say that over the years it has eased a bit. I now too have another type of unrelated OC myself and I understand more now that I am living with it. Keep talking to good friends if things get too tough. Take care

  • Hi Steph,

    I have been fighting this disease for over 25 years. At times it has been a difficult journey and many times I have come close to death but so far I'm lucky enough to have dodged the bullet.

    While I have not lost my mum to cancer I lost her a different way and I have lost many friends to various types of cancer. It never gets easy to loose someone you care about let alone loosing someone like your mum. My heart goes out to you.

    When I have been in my darkest of places on the darkest of days and there seems to be nothing I play The Glad Game. My accute awareness on the body that sadness and stress cause has pushed me to find a way to get through those days.

    To play the glad game I find something to be glad about. Anything, you got out of bed, you washed your hands, you saw a pretty flower, anything be mindful of how you feel and take control. DON'T let the Cancer have any more of time. Keeping yourself aware of when you feel sad, angry, negative and make yourself change the mood in your body. I have used this technique since I was first diagnosed and I feel more in control with my emotions most times, Not a cure just a technique to help you get through this really tough time.

    Take care honey sending you lots of hugs. xx

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